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Pure Smiles South Bay

Meet Dr. Kimi. Not only is she a South Bay resident, wife, and mom of two beautiful kids, she is a biological dentist limited to pediatrics and also the owner of the brand new Pure Smiles South Bay in Redondo Beach. Dr. Kimi has been treating children in Southern California for almost 10 years and her office is just as warm and friendly as she is, but don’t take our word for it, give her office a visit: she welcomes kids of all ages to stop by and play at the office anytime!

What is Unique about Pure Smiles South Bay? It is a “Biological Children’s Dental office that focuses on Prevention, including nutritional counseling and teaching special techniques to help your child want to brush and make smart food choices.” They use “non-Invasive procedures using Laser, Ozone and SDF.” What kid or parent wouldn’t love NO SHOT, NO DRILL dentistry? That is dentistry for your child without a noisy, vibrating, painful power tool in their mouth! Ozone can “kill bacteria beneath enamel.” They also work with Tongue Tie Release via laser (quick and pain-free). They have a green office with minimal waste that limits toxins. Not only that, but they have a “toy room” where you can lounge on a daybed and your child can have their cleaning sitting on your lap.

During our first visit with Dr. Kimi, Gavin was able to play in the tree/club house, explore the toy room, pet Chip, the office therapy dog, talk with Dr. Kimi and even got his own dental mirror to practice at home with mom and dad. Needless to say, he wants to go back for his next “happy visit” just to play! Your child can stop by several times for these kinds of visits before even opening their mouth so they can get more comfortable in the environment. Even to just stop by and say hi to Chip.

Head over to to read more about their all-natural, chemical free procedures, read up on tips on their blog or just stop by the office Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-5:30 and say hi! You may even get a dentist-approved lollipop (I mean how is this not the greatest dentist office ever)?!

Also, Dr, Kimi has kindly offered a 10% discount off of your first visit if you mention “Ryan Martin Real Estate”!

She also offers FREE exams for anyone under two years old. Thank you Dr. Kimi for having us!


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