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About Me

Every transaction is an opportunity for Ryan to help someone achieve his or her dream. Whether it is buying or selling a home, Ryan treats his clients as if they were his own family. He always puts their needs before his own and ensures each client has the absolute best experience in the business.


Not only is real estate his business, but it is also his hobby. Ryan has years of experience in investment property acquisitions, fix-and-flips and income property purchases and sales in addition to primary residence transactions. He is constantly building investment portfolios in his spare time for himself and also for his clients. Whether looking for your primary residence, rental properties for long term investments, or rehab projects for short term cash flow, Ryan can advise you beyond just the purchase or sale of a home.



Ryan grew up in the South Bay in Southern California. As a typical beach kid he grew up surfing, skateboarding and playing beach volleyball. At 18 he began working as a Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguard and did so for 11 years while pursing other endeavors.  After graduating from Cal State Long Beach he found success in the sales world. In 2012 his journey landed him in Denver after a short but educational stay in Charleston, SC.  (Ask him about it sometime.)


Ryan began his career in real estate in 2012 after moving to Colorado. There he had to learn quick in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. He focused on building a business based on relationships, honesty and integrity.  


His efforts paid off and he quickly found success in the real estate sales and investment world. However, after some time the cool winters lost their appeal and with his wife Cristen, and one year old son Gavin, he made his way back home to the South Bay where it all began. Their desire to be closer to friends and family finally outweighed the charm of Denver. The beach didn't have anything to do with the change...


Ryan is dedicated to serving the communities that served him so well. From growing up in Hawthorne, going to high school in El Segundo, working and living in Manhattan Beach while in college, and now living in Hermosa Beach with his family, he has an understanding of the South Bay communities that cannot be taught. It's an understanding that comes with 30+ years of living, working and socializing within the community.  

After speaking with Ryan for only a short while you will see how much he cares. The son of a teacher and a fireman, Ryan’s values of compassion, honor and public service were part of his everyday life as an LA County lifeguard, and he still uses those same values to drive his success in real estate.

In his free time Ryan loves spending time with his wife and son. He loves surfing, volleyball, climbing, snowboarding, and pretty much anything else that allows him to be outside. He loves adventure and uses his sense of adventure to make real estate a fun and exciting journey.

-He has never broken a bone (not that he hasn’t tried)
-He once rowed a dory boat roughly 30 miles from Catalina Island to San Pedro California in a race. It took over 4 1/2 hours without a break.
-He can roll some mean sushi

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