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9 Home Improvement Projects to Help Boost Value

Getting The Most Out of Your Home

Deciding what home improvements to do to your home can be quite a challenge.  Some are necessary, some are luxuries, but all can help boost the value.  This data helps us understand where those $$$ can best be allocated to give you the most bang for your buck.

1) Roof Upgrade – There's no place like home.  However your home is no place to be when you have a leaky roof.  Sun, wind, and rain beat down on your roof, which overtime can cause the integrity of your roof to break down.  Upgraded roofs on average can expect to recoup 67.7 percent of cost.  

2) Window Replacement – Windows are for more than just letting in the breeze. Replacing your windows will recoup 78.7 percent for vinyl and 79.3 percent for wood. New high efficient windows are great for noise dampening, improved insulation from heat or cold, and can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home.

3) Vinyl Siding Replacement – Get rid of that old broken siding and upgrade the curb appeal and efficiency of your home. Siding replacement average recoup of 78.2 percent of cost makes this a job worth doing. There are many options available to take that dated siding and upgrade it to a modern exterior that really pops.

4) Entry Door Replacement – This is a must on every home. First impressions are everything and your front door is no exception.  Improvements to the front door and entryway are quick and easy projects that will recoup 96.6 percent on average.  Many times a coat of eye catching paint, vibrant plants, and little else can take your front doorway from shabby to chic in one day.

5) Attic Bedroom – Need more space, but don't have the time or money for an addition, try looking up.  Depending on the home, attics can be the perfect solution to your spacial needs. Adding a modest bedroom or flex space in the attic can recoup on average 84.3 percent of the home improvement costs. Not bad for a space that currently just collects dust.

6) Bathroom Remodel – Big improvements in a little space.  A clean and updated bathroom can make your entire home feel warm and relaxing.  Even small improvements can make a big difference.  Try paint, fixtures, and accessories to start.  If that's not enough, break out the big guns and transform the space into your dream bathroom while recouping 72.5 percent on average.

7) Deck Addition – Take advantage of your outdoor space by building a deck.  Decks are wonderful places to engage socially, relax peacefully, and improve your home strategically. With an average recoup of 87.4 percent, your deck can be one of your homes best assets. 

8) Kitchen Remodel – Kitchens do sell homes.  Homeowners will spend most of there free time in or around the kitchen.  The kitchen has become the central meeting place for family, friends, and even pets.  Why not make it a place you want to be.  On average sellers recoup 72.4 percent of cost while making the home more livable and significantly more marketable.

9) Basement Remodel – If you have one finish it.  Basements can be transformed into a wide range of spaces perfect to meet any of your needs. Transforming a basement into a fun, functional recreational room will have an average recoup of 77.6 percent.

With the proper guidance and right team these improvements can greatly increase the value, appeal, and salability of your home.  Many times it is hard to see the best course forward when you are in the middle of the chaos.  I specialize in helping clients find a clear path to improve their homes without breaking the bank.

Whether looking to sell or stay in the home for the next 30 years, home improvements should be done with a specific goal in mind.  Let me help you realize that goal.  I offer free property reviews and home improvement assessments with no obligation.   I can show you what improvements will best fit your home depending on your goals moving forward.

Again no obligation, just information!


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